Entry #1

Yay! Number One!

2009-03-21 08:51:03 by Davyinatoga

So, after a year of getting into the voiceover world, studying the techniques, auditioning, and so on, I finally have something to show off my skills to the world! I've only been waiting since last June for ANYTHING I've voiced in to be released (well, there is ooonnnnnee, but I don't really count it), and I'm so glad Kook and Lester's Foray was less than two months between auditions and the finished product. Go see it, rate it, and look for Part 2 soon!

There's still... 6 other projects I've done so far that have yet to be finished. I expect maybe 2 of them to appear on NG, but that'll be changing soon!

Plus, I'll be adding a few things of my own, too, to the audio portal. Once I get around to finishing some of them. I guess.

Here's a hint to one of them: it's craptastically Tauntesome!


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2009-04-24 06:17:59

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