Trite shyte - Retarded viewers

2009-06-17 23:21:15 by Davyinatoga

So, a day after uploading the Voice Acting Club Mother's Day audio play and the subsequent gag reel, something interesting happened that didn't bother me at first, but is really bugging me now.

The gag reel, which I posted second, got the first vote of the two. Then it got three more, to average a 1.86 rating. It took another day for the actual play to receive two votes, rating it 3.64.

Now, I didn't think anything of it, at first. The gag reel was at the top of the Newest Submissions list, so I could see why people would watch it first. And if it wasn't even reaching a 2 rating, then I just suck. But, why would those people not move on to the actual piece? Do they really expect to get some of the humorous antics in the gag reel without foreknowledge of the source material??

Do You, dear reader, ever expect to fully appreciate bloopers without knowing what it is that is supposed to happen???

My guess is "No," right? You watch a movie, THEN watch the deleted scenes and out-takes. SOOOOOOOOO (and here's the fun part) WHY the hell did those four viewers even vote? I know it's logically not from any fault of my own, since the Momma Day special isn't hovering at a <2 rating. I know there's things that could be better with the production (which can be said about everything, really) and honestly, I know that only an idiot blames the joke for not being funny when s/he doesn't understand it. And those four idiots did it on purpose. They chose to not understand by watching the bloopers first, so why should they even bother voicing their opinion that was CLEARLY made before they even pressed Play?

(after listening to bloopers only:) "I don't get it, he's messing up a line. It's not funny." *votes 0*
(after listening to original next:) "Oh so that's what the line is." *votes 5*
(after listening to bloopers again:) "I get it now. That blooper's funny." *doesn't vote 5*

Am I just being a defensive baby, or should I be reprimanded for not expecting such idiocy on NG? *shakes head*

Yay! Number One!

2009-03-21 08:51:03 by Davyinatoga

So, after a year of getting into the voiceover world, studying the techniques, auditioning, and so on, I finally have something to show off my skills to the world! I've only been waiting since last June for ANYTHING I've voiced in to be released (well, there is ooonnnnnee, but I don't really count it), and I'm so glad Kook and Lester's Foray was less than two months between auditions and the finished product. Go see it, rate it, and look for Part 2 soon!

There's still... 6 other projects I've done so far that have yet to be finished. I expect maybe 2 of them to appear on NG, but that'll be changing soon!

Plus, I'll be adding a few things of my own, too, to the audio portal. Once I get around to finishing some of them. I guess.

Here's a hint to one of them: it's craptastically Tauntesome!